04 May

In the mid of rising Islamophobia, MicMedia shared a video on Saturday, October 22, on their Facebook page showing American Muslim doctors making their country great and proud of them.

 The doctors volunteer at Al-Shifa Clinic, a shining example of how the teachings of Islam and compassion towards the sick and selfless service to those in need are molded into everyday practice.Housed in a 5,000 square feet building in California, Al-Shifa clinic provides a haven to those who travel from far and near looking for relief and cure.The free service is provided by a team of dedicated Muslim physicians and volunteers. The 19 examination rooms of Al-Shifa clinic hum with activity from Wednesdays through Saturdays, the days when this clinic is open.Al-Shifa is not the only place where Muslim doctors provide free medical help for poor Americans. 

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