Imam Shaykh H of ISM Inspires Kenosha youth of AAICW of becoming a new community for young Muslims, come and join AAICW CORE and Become Beacons of light. The main goal of the Youth committee at AAICW is to serve the various educational and social needs of young Muslims in the community. By the grace of Allah, the number of young Muslims that attend AAICW activities and events has been increasing at every event.

Our youth program is very active in organizing gatherings or religious gatherings and many other social activities. It is a great place to be around other Muslims, which helps you stay motivated about learning more about our Din,

Core Club is a group of young Muslims, that are dedicated in investing in their spiritual growth while having an outlet for fun and good company, to come together in a safe space to flourish spiritually. increase their motivation towards staying on the correct path and following the Quran and the sayings and traditions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him, Come and join AAICW CORE! 
We hope to see you at the upcoming events inshaAllah!

  • Xheladin R- Youth Coordinato